Government regulations and commercial drivers have combined to require that major new development projects around the world meet approved environmental and ecological sustainability standards. At the same time, existing buildings are being refurbished to enhance their “green” credentials.

A project’s green rating depends in large part on the materials from which it is constructed. The demand for green products, particularly in markets like China, is growing exponentially.

But there are substantial barriers to the efficient supply of these products to satisfy that demand:

  • Specifiers cannot readily identify suppliers of appropriate green products

  • Specifiers are often mislead by “greenwash” – false or misleading claims associated with many products

  • Suppliers of green building products often lack the skills to market their products, assess potential foreign markets, identify customers and, ultimately, negotiate successful commercial deals with major buyers

  • Manufacturers and others downstream in the supply chain fail to manage the risks associated with exporting their products to foreign markets

The Eco Access consultancy was created to overcome these barriers – to facilitate the matching of genuine green products to appropriate projects via suitable avenues and to ensure the efficient delivery of those products on commercial terms that benefit the suppliers and their customers. The company’s principals have combined decades of experience in international trade across many industry sectors – experience that has now been focused on the burgeoning Green sector. Eco Access is also proud to cooperate with GIGA (Green Ideas Green Actions) product assessment service which provides information for key decision makers on best-practice products that support superior project performance in the built environment.

With this combination of international trade experience and green product assessment expertise, Eco Access ensures that green building practices are not only beneficial to mankind and the environment but are also good business.


  • Initial considerations
  • Export ready
  • Pathway to success

The Successful Traders’ Checklist

The history books are full of tales of innovative companies manufacturing inspirational products to solve intractable problems - but failing to successfully bring those products to market.

Manufacturers of genuinely green technologies looking to access the undoubted global market for such will need to navigate the treacherous, and usually unfamiliar, waters of international trade. Eco Access has sailed these waters for decades and can help ensure that your solution is delivered efficiently and effectively to your overseas customers.

Our complimentary, downloadable Successful Traders’ Checklist  is a menu of issues, collected over those decades, which provides a starting point to set you on the right course.  






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